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January 2019

About FraudTech Journal

About FraudTech Journal

Dear Colleague:

Welcome!  On FraudTech Journal we explore advanced tech tools, services, and strategies to help enterprise fraud professionals do their job effectively.

Hello, I’m Dan Baker, Editor of FraudTech and a journalist/analyst who’s been interviewing experts and writing market research reports on telecom voice and SMS fraud since 2012.

One reason I launched this Journal is I noticed new cross-industry fraud solutions emerging.  Fraud control techniques born in the financial world — biometrics, know your customer, on-line behavior monitoring, etc. — are now steadily being employed across several industries.

And without doubt, the growing on-line, digital, and mobile nature of customer interaction is also driving the need for fraudtech.

A good example of where industry boundaries are blurring is in the Internet of Things.  While communications tech is a big enabler, IoT is very much a multi-industry play that will revolutionize many sectors (insurance, healthcare, public safety, and more).

And yet IoT will never reach scale until fraudtech issues like device authentication are solved.  On that subject, be sure to read my talk with Syniverse’s John Wick who explains his company’s Secure Global Access network for managing billions of IoT devices.

In some ways, the complexity of the fraudtech challenge takes me back to my days on US Navy destroyer during the Cold War.  Back then, American and Russian ships in the western Pacific sparred with each other in electronic cat and mouse games: in radar/radio signal detection, electronic counter measures, and spoofing.

Today’s fraud fight is pretty much the same — except the number of electronic messages to be analyzed has grown a few orders of magnitude.  This is why advanced infotech tools are so crucial.  Fraud pros absolutely need analytics and machine learning if they ever hope to stay ahead of fraudsters who have stepped up their own tech expertise.

Now fraudtech is not just about software “tools”, there’s also a bright future for fully managed services that live in the cloud.  A perfect example is the German company Oculeus with its new PBX Guard, a global voice fraud protection service that remotely blocks fraudulent phone calls by monitoring IP signals from each of an enterprise’s scattered PBX machines.  Read my talk with Oculeus’ CEO, Arnd Baranowski, giving details on this ground-breaking service.

As we launch Fraudtech in January 2019, I know the number of fraudtech solutions covered in the navigation menu above is fairly slim.  But given the many expert interviews we've planned for 2019, FraudTech Journal will soon become a valuable place for fraud pros like you to gain advice, perspective, and insights on the incredible infusion of smart tech solutions that are headed your way.

Dan Baker
Research Director, TRI

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Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the on-line magazines Black Swan Telecom Journal, Top Operator, and FraudTech Journal.

Technology Research Institute (TRI) has been writing and researching telecom software and systems markets since 1994.  Its industry reports have covered the gamut of telecom systems from billing and service assurance... to customer care and provisioning.  In recent years, TRI has authored major reports on Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Telecom Analytics/Big Data solutions.   Contact Dan via

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