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January 2019

About Technology Research Institute

About Technology Research Institute

Dear Colleague:

Hello, and welcome to FraudTech Journal.  I’m Dan Baker, magazine editor and the owner/research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI), a boutique industry analyst/journalist firm.

At TRI, we follow and research a few professional ecosystems, each of which needs to keep abreast of the latest analytic and automated technologies, tools, technologies, services, and best practices in their field.

I founded TRI in 1994 to follow back office systems in the telecom industry — and we’re still doing that today.  In 2019 we also launched our first "cross-industry" research practice in fraudtech, the business of protecting of enterprises from fraud.

Most TRI Journal stories are Q&A interviews with consultants and domain experts who give how-to advice, discuss case studies, share lessons learned, or explain the value of vendor solutions.  Our current journals are:

  • Black Swan Telecom Journal, since 2012, has been publishing interviews and stories in the fields of telecom industry revenue assurance, fraud control, analytics, and business assurance.  We named the journal after Nassim Taleb’s famous book, the Black Swan, a cautionary tale on the mistakes made when analyzing data.
  • FraudTech Journal, our newest journal was launched in 2019 and focuses on technologies and strategies to protect enterprises from fraud.  We look at cross-industry fraud tools in fields such as identity, credit screening, PBX-guarding, biometrics, forensics, analytics, on-line protection, and more.
  • Top Operator, launched in 2016, covers the strategies and solutions of interest to telecom wholesalers, data centers, metro fiber, undersea cable operators, managed service providers, SDN solution providers, billing and network intelligence solution firms.

For over 25 years, TRI’s Research Reports have covered the gamut of telecom back office software and systems from billing and service assurance... to wholesale systems and provisioning.  In recent years, TRI has authored major reports on Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, Analytics/Big Data, and Wholesale Network Systems. 

Once we gain a following in the FraudTech ecosystem, we will launch a market research study in that sphere, too.

Each Report analyzes a particular niche domain.  Using information from our expert interviews, we predict market forces at play and profile leading solution vendors.  For example, in 2017 we published a 385-page report entitled, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software & Strategies featuring commentary from 49 named experts.  In 2018, TRI published another report on North American telecom wholesale trends.

TRI’s Business Model is to combine industry analysis and journal writing.  By interviewing domain experts and writing their stories on-line, we gain the market knowledge and trust to author multi-client research reports and objective white papers.

Our goal is to attract 10 or more solution vendors who financially support each professional domain we research.  In turn, it is these sponsors who enable us to reach out to the community and publish our on-line magazines.

On a personal level, I’m fueled by constantly learning how innovative solutions, technologies, and best practices are born and evolve.  Talking with experts and writing about what I learned continues to be rewarding work.

Dan Baker
Research Director, TRI

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Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the on-line magazines Black Swan Telecom Journal, Top Operator, and FraudTech Journal.

Technology Research Institute (TRI) has been writing and researching telecom software and systems markets since 1994.  Its industry reports have covered the gamut of telecom systems from billing and service assurance... to customer care and provisioning.  In recent years, TRI has authored major reports on Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance and Telecom Analytics/Big Data solutions.   Contact Dan via